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Placeholder  ImageAloha and welcome to my music site where you can find my
Mixes, Mashups & Music - all of which is for fun and to express my artistic talent & as a demo should you need someone to do some custom mixing or to make something to play at a party.

To your left & top click buttons to surf my productions.
  So, have fun surfing & listening & remember--- >

RockstarBruski is my DJ / “mixologist” name - given to me by my friends in the 80’s
                                back in the days of spinning 12” licorice pizzas on the wheels of steel.

email:  RockstarBruski@RockstarBruski.com
Phone: 503-730-2067

All productions on this site, audio and video, are intended for demonstration and promotional purposes only.  Appropriated artists and publishers retain all existing rights.  Mixes, Remixes and Mashups are provided as a demonstration of the artist's abilities.  RockstarBruski does not support or promote audio piracy.  All Mixes, Remixes and Mashups provided include creative interpretation and additional production by RockstarBruski.  Some artists and labels have chosen to permit for the derivative audio and video work as fan-based and/or promotional content, but explicitly retain all copyright control of the featured material.
If you represent an artist, label, publisher or copyright owner who objects to being included in these demonstations, please contact RockstarBruski@RockstarBruski.com and I will respectfully comply with any owner's request to remove the material.

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